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Engagement Portraits

Did you and your sweetheart recently get engaged? Are you and your sweetheart near the end of your long engagement? Your engagement is a special time in your relationship and life. It is important to commemorate it. Many people take engagement photos for wedding announcements, to post on social media, and to display at your wedding. Yes having photos for those reasons is nice but the most important reason to get engagement photos done is for you and your family to cherish. You are capturing your love for each other and freezing it in a photograph. These photos can be passed down to your kids and their kids to cherish.


An engagement session is two hours long and consists of two locations.

Family Portraits

Do you ever want to freeze time with your family? Freeze your kid's funny face or their current fashion choice forever? You can’t exactly freeze time but you can freeze the memories in family photos. There are several types of family photos. You can have the whole family together, the kids in a group by themselves, or individual kid pictures. Some of my favorite places to take family photos are in the park, outdoors, and lifestyle pictures in your home. Schedule your family portraits today!

Senior Portraits

A teenager's senior year is a monumental time in their life. So many big life changes are coming; graduation, college, moving out, the military for some. They are growing up and leaving a part of their childhood behind soon. These moments are to be cherished. One way to cherish them is to take photos of those moments. I want to help you capture these special moments. I don’t just want to help you capture the moments I want to capture their personality and hobbies in the photographs. A senior portrait session includes 3 outfit changes and 2 locations. Book your child’s senior portraits today!


Are you wanting to capture the moments of your little one's birthday party? Or you and your sweetheart's engagement party? Or the little moments of your anniversary party? Maybe your family reunion?  

Birth Photos With Fresh 48

As a mother and neonatologist, I know how quickly these moments can fade. Between the adrenaline, excitement, emotions, and medication from birth, you can forget those precious moments. That’s where I come in. I capture the story of your birth. But why hire me instead of another birth photographer? I am a neonatologist as you may know. That means it is quite easy for me to get into a delivery room. With my birth photography, I include labor and birth photos as well as newborn photos in the hospital for the “fresh 48.” Fresh 48 photos do not just have to be of you and your new bundle of joy. They can be of you introducing the siblings to their new baby.

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